How does this program work?

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Beginning in October 2012 the Modified Rankin measure became a required field in Get With The Guidelines®- Stroke. Assessors are encouraged but not required to be certified. The Modified Rankin may be performed by any clinical staff member trained to do so.

FREE Self Paced Training

The program consists of a series of digital video recordings and accompanying written material which includes a self paced Instruction-Demonstration module and the certification modules.

The training modules comprises an introductory description of the modified Rankin Scale mRS.

There are 4 brief patient interviews to be scored anonymously for practice purposes before optional group discussion. Correct scores and their justification follow each case (20 minutes). A transcript of the interviews is available. You will be able to obtain a completion certificate for documentation of training only and not for certification purposes.

Use the self paced training curriculum as many times as you need until you feel comfortable with the scale and futhermore, properly score patients if you decide to move onto the certification and receive program certification.