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Welcome to the NIH Stroke Scale International (NIHSS) - English Program

This world-wide standardized and harmonized certification program was developed in collaboration with international organizations for the benefit of the healthcare and clinical research professionals in order to improve global inter-rater-reliability when using this diagnostic tool, while helping organizations in healthcare and clinical research improve human subject protection and the safety of patients and clinical trial subjects. This 14 year old STANDARDIZED program is now accepted across healthcare organizations, clinical trial sponsors, CROs and global regulatory agencies as the industry standard. (See additional Copyright Statement at the bottom of this page).

Standardized globally harmonized Program

This globally SUBSIDIZED program is now widely recognized as the industry standard training and certification program now globally accepted by healthcare, clinical research organizations, sponsors, CROs, IRBs and international regulatory bodies. It is primarily used by healthcare providers to document proof of competency in the use of the NIHSS with regulatory agencies.

Quality Assurance Standard

This globally accepted program is also the only QA controlled program designed to focus exclusively to minimize inter-rater reliability issues during clinical trials. The target audiences for this program are healthcare professionals, emergency physicians, neurologists, nurses, qualified raters and students.

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Sponsors, CROs, Investigator Sites and Regulatory Agencies

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Hospitals and HealthCare Organizations

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Important Educational Goals

• ONLY COMPLETE ONE (1) TEST GROUP AT A TIME. Certification is VALID FOR UP TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE DATE OF COMPLETION or a maximum of 2 years depending on the requirements of your organization

• Identify and assess neurological deficits in stroke patients • Understand the measurement scale for quantifying neurological deficits in stroke patients.

Learning Objectives

• Consistently apply appropriate scores for neurological deficits in stroke patients • Use the scale to assess changes in neurological deficits in stroke patients over time.

Please read 'Guidelines and Timelines' and the 'Accreditation' sections located on the right hand menu to get detailed information.

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HealthCarePoint, in collaboration with global organizations, have developed this world-wide standardized certification methodology and it is now accepted across healthcare organizations, clinical trial sponsors, CROs and regulatory agencies as the industry standard. This 8 year long globally harmonized, standardized and accredited program was originally developed to eliminate training and education redundancies, document compliance, improve inter-rater reliability in clinical trials, minimize and ultimately eliminate fraud and abuse across the global healthcare and clinical research ecosystem . Violators of copyright infringement will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.