My BlueCloud® HealthCare Professional Account

A FREE personal application that empowers healthcare and clinical research professionals to maintain, share, exchange and verify Professional Experience and Training (PET) records such as resumes, licenses, diplomas, training, education and certification, all centralized, organized and up to date in order to maintain in compliance with regulatory agencies, employers, sponsors, IRBs, CROs and other management and regulatory organizations.

Creating your account

Register and follow additional detailed instructions inside to instantly start using your personal BlueCloud® professional Account.

Sharing your PET Records

You can use your Professional Experience and Training (PET) account to maintain and ultimately, to share your PET records and credentials with organizations whom you grant permission to connect and share your records with. Please continue to log in and follow any additional instructions within the site.

Privacy Screening

In order to protect your privacy, an additional screening process will need to be completed prior to providing you with the additional networking tools to be able to share information with other organizations.

Please feel free to contact our customer support or the site manager if you have any questions or need further assistance.