Welcome to the Global Pharma Consultancy, LLC Training Campus

We are proud to offer this e-TrainingCampus to customers and employees, featuring training and assessment of clinical research knowledge and skills essential to the proper documentation of competency, knowledgebase and regulatory compliance.


We provide consultancy and services in Clinical Research, Clinical Operations, Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, and Business Initiatives

Cognitive Drug Research - Psychometrics - CNS Clinical Research - Psychiatric Rating Scales Training - Global Network of Bilingual Industry Professionals - QA, Regulatory and Drug Safety affiliates - Online training and educational platform - Production of training videos - Assist CROs in emerging economies (e.g., Latin America, India, China)- Business Development for Start ups.

Real-time Proficiency Evaluations for Clinical Research Professionals

Globally aware, our solutions empower sites to proceed at their own pace and in nearly any language, followed by standardized knowledge and skills assessment, all without leaving the office.

Real-time electronic tracking logs help meet GCP compliance with respect to training documentation and is invaluable assistance toward minimizing issues associated with Trial Drift, thereby helping to assure your project remains on track as it faces change.

Blending learning solutions with proven alternatives, our automated training and assessment processes assist in maximizing efficiency and reducing your overall project costs. Additionally, the platform serves as a fine complement to investigator meetings both as a screening tool and a proven recalibration option throughout your project.