Welcome to the Barthel Index - English Program

This program has been specifically designed and developed for the educational benefit of the healthcare provider, the clinical research rater and principal investigator site personnel. Physicians, nurses and first responders may benefit from the training component of this program in order to be familiar with the Barthel Index. Additional certification also provides sponsors with documentation of competency for all related clinical trials.

Training Component

This program can be used by any healthcare provider in order to sharpen their skills on the use of the Barthel Index.

Certification and Re-Certification programs.

In order to receive CE credit and certification, learners must view the training module and correctly rate all (100%) of the items presented to them in the certification/recertification module. After completion of the certification scenarios, learners receive feedback on the number of correctly scored items and on whether they have met the standard required (which is based on peer performance) or should review the training materials and re-score the cases. Feedback on a case by case basis is not provided to avoid random guesswork that would undermine the validity of the final certification procedure. The system will limit your attempts to three (3) chances. If a learner fails to achieve certification after 3 attempts their account will be locked; additional instructions will be e-mailed to their registered account and additional training will need to take place. After achieving a passing score, learners must complete and submit the activity evaluation, which will result in a certificate of credit/certification being issued


The Barthel Index training and certification is offered as part of BlueCloud Healthcare Professional Level 2 annual membership ($89). It is also available separately ($98) on the BlueCloud Education Network.

You may purchase the certification by going into the 'Product Catalog' at any time. You will be able to access the certification component immediately after purchasing the program. Programs may also be subsidized when used for clinical trials purposes. See 'Subsidized Barthel Index Programs' information from the right hand menu.

Clinical Trials - Global Standardization Methodology

Investigators required to certify in use of the Barthel Index often participate in several trials, running across institutions and countries. These trials may each have a different sponsor. It is important that the arrangements for certification remain consistent between trials and among investigators within trials. Investigators who hold a certificate from a source other than this site cannot recertify here or transfer their certificate to a new trial without undertaking full training and certification de novo. This ensures that certificates in existence were based a common, validated approach. The training and certification material on this site is monitored and updated as necessary to ensure maintain validity.

Sponsors and institutions may use this program to document rater competency and reliability.

A consistent approach to scoring patient recovery is essential for healthcare and research purposes and is desirable for routine clinical application. This training program was prepared by Dr Terence J Quinn and Professor Kennedy R Lees in association with colleagues in University of Glasgow and the stroke units of Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Western Infirmary.


Please be advised that the training component alone may not be enough to demonstrate competency or evidence based education with regulatory agencies.

Program Objectives/Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this activity, learners should be better able to:

• Identify differences and conflicts between functional grades awarded to patients

• Apply the concept of “activities of daily living” to clinical patients.

• Recognize strengths and limitations of the Barthel Index as a project outcome.

• Explain the “standard” Barthel Index recommended for patient use (10 items, score 0-100.)

• Apply a Barthel Index score to patients under controlled circumstances that is consistent with the scoring algorithm and peer opinion

• Use the Barthel Index to score functional recovery of patients

Print certificate of completion good for up to 2 years

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