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• A002-Art Therapy & Multiculturalism
0201.2 - Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy and Art
This course presents an introduction to cross-cultural psychotherapy, with reference to historical theories of art, symbols and myth, and to the art therapist working with the client—both individual and groups. Cross-cultural dimensions of art therapy are delineated with a support for further research and cooperation between cultures, with attention given to outcomes relative to art therapy practice and training. (Shaun McNiff)
Credits offered: 1.00 Objectives and Overview
Price:  $40.00
N-0202.2 and NY-0202.2- Within the Box: Cross-Cultural AT with Survivors of the Rwanda Genocide
This course discusses creative making of boxes as a cross-cultural art therapy intervention with survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The box as an art form is particularly applicable with young adult survivors, given their prodigious trauma, possible posttraumatic stress disorder, and cultural mode of emotional expression. Physical and metaphorical characteristics of the box are examined and discussed with aspects of the Rwandan culture. (Valerie Chu)
Credits offered: 1.00 Objectives and Overview
Price:  $40.00
N-0203.2 and NY-0203.2 - An Intersectional Framework for Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in AT
This course calls for an examination of identity and difference from a sociocultural perspective in art therapy theory and practice. In constructing knowledge and in advancing more effective practices, therapists need to examine identity and difference not only from a psychological perspective, but also from social and cultural ones. An intersectional framework that demands self-reflexivity is presented. (Savneet Talwar)
Credits offered: 1.00 Objectives and Overview
Price:  $40.00
N-0205.2 and NY-0205.2 - The Burma Art Therapy Project: Journeys to a Different Landscape
A panel of art therapists with the Art Therapy Institute of North Carolina share their experiences of utilizing art therapy with refugees from Burma who have resettled in the Triangle area of N.C. Together they find creative ways in which to address the mental health needs of this population. (Eva Miller, Kristin Linton, Hillary Rubesin, and Ilene Sperling)
Credits offered: 1.50 Objectives and Course Overview
Price:  $60.00
0207.2 - Fostering Multicultural and Diversity Competence in Art Therapy
Multicultural and Diversity Competence in art therapy is a capacity whereby art therapists possess cultural and diversity awareness and knowledge about self and others, and at the same time ensure that this awareness and knowledge is skillfully applied in practice with clients and client groups. This course advances multicultural and diversity competence as essential to ethical practice and the cornerstone for effective art therapy practice. (AATA's Multicultural Committee)
Credits offered: 2.00 Objectives and Course Overview
Price:  $80.00
NY-0209.2 - Culture, Medicine and Art Therapy: Building a Practice that Works
Because illness touches all classes and cultures, art therapy in medicine is a natural training ground for culturally sensitive art therapy practice. In this course, art therapy practices that illuminate the complex web of hospital and personal cultures will be presented through theory and case examples. (Tracy Councill and Kathryn Tedeschi)
Credits offered: 1.00 Objectives and Course Overview
Price:  $40.00
N-0210.2 and NY-0210.2 - International Art Therapy From Ebola to Homelessness in South Africa
Founder and team member of international non-profit will share lessons learned from their experiences implementing expressive arts therapy training programs in addressing trauma due to Ebola in Liberia and homelessness in South Africa. (Caroline Alexis Decosimo and Kathryn Tedeschi)
Credits offered: 1.00 Objectives and Overview
Price:  $40.00